Journal Entry ~ 04/27/18

John says "Love one another," he says. Love is not to be only for those who are pleasant to us, or who are nice, congenial, clever people. We are not to love because people are lovable, but because each is “another.” 

Everyone is a person, created by our Father in heaven for a unique purpose, capable of an intimate relationship with God. In fact, it is His desire that every one of us bow our hearts to Him and accept Him as our Savior.  People are meant to be loved.  They are not meant to be dealt with impersonally, or to be opposed or accepted as it suits our purpose, but they are to be treated as a living, breathing, searching creation of God, just like us. That is why we are to love one another, without regard to what that person is like. This defines what love is meant when the Bible talks about love. True love is an interest in and a concern for another person, just because he is a person, and for no other reason. 

The problem enters when our sinful, judgmental heart chooses who we want to love and who we don't. Someone fails to meet our expectations, so we withhold our love from them. When we fail to love others as He calls us to love, we fail in the purpose for which He created us. We fail Him. We are to love as He loved - everyone, unconditionally, and without judgment. 

Press on, ladies ~ you are loved 💗


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