Journal Entry ~ 08/24/17

If anyone is in Christ they are a new creation; old things are passing away; all things are becoming new.  2 Corinthians 5:17

If you’ve followed Christ Jesus for very long, you know the old things don't become new just by happenstance, by being good, by going to church or by working hard for Christ. Those things didn't save you, and they're not going to sanctify you.  They are all important parts of discipleship, but I know people that exhaust themselves in good behavior or in good works, and they haven't matured much at all. The problem is we often read scripture or hear a sermon about what type of person we ought to be, then we work hard to try to make that happen. We try to be a more patient or loving person in our own power, and it just doesn't work. So how does spiritual growth really happen?  With an unwavering commitment and submission to Christ, no matter what we face. The reality is, we don't mature much in the easy times. We mature in the trials, when it's hard, when we're struggling to see God in the valleys, when we choose to lean in and trust, and allow Him to show up. That's when the faith to believe He is our strength is grown, that's when our old fears fall away, and we are refreshed and renewed.

Yesterday was the hardest day so far in this diagnosis - more tears fell yesterday than have fallen since I found out.  It was so hard to be with my colleagues when I don't know if I will be able to start the school year. Those of you who know me know how much I absolutely love my job. I was created to teach.  God's plan for me is rubbing right up against my plan for my life, and I don't like it one bit. I prefer to be as strong person that others can lean on rather than a person who needs to lean on others...especially at work. I need to mature in that area, and I spent time confessing my arrogance yesterday. What does God do to people who think they can handle everything on their own?  He gives them trials where they have no choice but to lean on others. I know I cannot do this in my own strength. The beautiful part is when I surrendered that yesterday, and let others comfort and encourage me through Him, He showed up in some pretty amazing ways.

Press on ~ you are loved💗


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