Journal Entry ~ 08/27/17

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come. - 2 Corinthians 5:17

God has a purpose for each of us, and it includes that we would live as a representative of the kingdom - as a professed child of God, your every move and motive is being considered by others. Everything you say, everything you do, every reaction, every response, every decision, every everything. We are called to view every relationship and every situation through the lens of scripture; and we are to determine to help others look at life that way too. We all know we are not perfect, and we will undoubtedly mess that plan up on a daily basis....but we are also called to humble ourselves and own when we don't get it right. That's where His grace enters our lives. Remember His grace has not only rescued us, but has included us in a much bigger and more beautiful purpose than we could have ever imagined on our own.

One of the blessings of a cancer diagnosis is a complete shift in my perspective - He continues to make me new. My deepest desire is that everyone I know will know of His grace and mercy in my life.  Since my diagnosis, I've had more conversations with people about the sovereignty and grace of God, both believers and non-believers, than I have had in the past year.  I've discovered people whom I've work with for years are believers but I never knew, and I've boldly declared His name to people who I know are my family, in my workplace, at the hospital, everywhere I go. While I would share my faith before my diagnosis, I would generally only share in safe environments (with other believers) or in one-on-one conversations with non-believers, and generally only when I felt it was safe.  I think most people I know would tell you they knew I was a believer, but it wasn't a regular topic of conversation - I hesitated to evangelize, especially when I knew I with a professed nonbeliever. It was something I was working on with God, and asked Him frequently to give me the courage and the strength to be a bright light for Him in the world, not just around believers. My desire was to please Him in all things, but my fear often held me back. I love they way He works all things for good. It's so easy to tell everyone about my love and trust for Jesus as part of my cancer diagnosis - He has given me an open door to tell His story in my life. Praises for His faithfulness to answer prayers! 

Press on ~ you are loved💗


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