Medical Update ~ 09/20/17

I met with the surgeon today to discuss the pathology report from my surgery, and realized I haven't posted an update here on my medical status.  

The biopsy from the second breast on 09/05/17 was a benign cyst - praise God! My surgeon shared with us on 09/07/17 there was a debate on my team about whether chemo should be part of my treatment. Apparently, chemo is standard protocol for HER2+, hormone resistant cancer, but some on my team feel it's excessive given how early they detected my cancer. 

On 09/07/17, they performed a lumpectomy and removed the nymph nodes on my right side. For the most part, I'm healing fairly well - slower than my impatient self would like, but I'm getting stronger every day. Unfortunately, I developed Lymphadema after the surgery, causing pain and uncomfortable swelling in my right arm, so that's a struggle, but I'm managing. 

The pathology report revealed they discovered 3 different spots of invasive cancer.  The good news is they had clean margins and no lymph node activity, so they believe they took everything that is currently growing and they don't believe it's spread anywhere. Praise God!!  The bad news is 3 spots tips the scale toward chemo as a necessary treatment.  The fact that it was in 3 different spots does not bode well for an aggressive, recurrent cancer like mine.  

I'll be meeting with my oncologist this week. She will make the final decision, but after talking to my surgeon today, I'm feeling like that's probably where I'm heading. Many, many of you have been praying for no chemo for me - "and if not, He is still good" ~ trusting Him, even in the "no" 💗

They're also sending me to a lymphadema specialist for the pain and swelling in my arm a few times a week for a little while....really looking forward to being able to use my arm again. Praise God!!

Keep the prayers coming - I appreciate them!  I'm at peace and trusting God's plan in this - just taking it one day at a time. Forever grateful for the overwhelming love and support I have received through this from so many of you ~ God is good 💗


  1. Your strength, Faith and positivity is amazing! Praying for continued good news and wishing you comfort as well. Thank you for the updates, thinking of you lots!

    1. Hi Lynnae :) Thank you for your thoughts and prayers! I know they are what strengthen and why I am able to have such peace. Keep 'em coming!


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