Medical Update ~ 10/02/17

I haven't been on a run for almost a month because of the number of surgeries I've been through since my diagnosis, but I rose early on Friday and ran 2 miles because I was told I could and I should go for a run.  I'm so glad I did.  It felt amazing to get out and feel like myself again, and it helped me mentally prepare for yet another surgery. By the time I got to the hospital Friday morning, I was ready for the next step.

On Friday, I had a mediport surgically implanted - they tell me it will make the chemo infusions easier.  Everything has happened so quickly over the past couple of weeks that I didn't give much thought to the surgical procedure of implanting the mediport.  I was literally surprised as I woke up from surgery on Friday by the amount of pain I was in.  I guess I thought it wouldn't hurt very much.  It did.  Saturday was a rough day as I woke up unable to move my arm without an incredible amount of pain.  The pain diminishes a little each day, but here I am on Monday night, still on pain meds with an ice pack on my shoulder.  I always thought I had a pretty high pain tolerance, but my body is feeling the effects from all the surgical procedures.  Four surgeries inside of a month has left me exhausted.  I'm more tired than I remember being since I was pregnant.

Tomorrow is my last day at work until late January.  I'm physically ready for the break - as much as I've enjoyed the distraction my kiddos have been, it's been challenging trying to juggle everything from the phone calls and scheduling to the emotional highs to lows of a cancer diagnosis to healing from all these surgeries, all while trying to manage instruction.  But, emotionally, it's hard to leave.  I'll be telling my students tomorrow that I'm taking a medical leave.  While I'm not looking forward to that conversation, I am so thankful that I will have a great deal of support in my room when I tell them. Leaving them will be rough - I will miss those kiddos.  Those who know me well know how very much I love being in the classroom, how much I love my students.  It's my happy place.  But clearly God has something different for me in this season, and so I continue to lean in and let Him lead.

I will be shopping for wig on Wednesday morning before I attend a "chemo class" in my oncologist's office.  I've never been a fan of shopping, so I'm not looking forward to that part of it, but I am surprisingly okay with the fact that I may end up wearing a wig.  The thought of losing my hair initially terrified me, but I'm thankful God quickly moved that mountain in my heart, and I'm thankful it didn't take very long.  I think that's one of the benefits of getting into His Word daily - He keeps your priorities straight.  It didn't take Him long to remind me that it's just hair and it will grow back.  It's not certain that I will lose all my hair, but it is a likely side effect, so I would rather be prepared just in case I decide to wear a wig.  Who knows...I may decide to wear a scarf or just go natural.  I'm not sure, but those who know me know I like to be prepared :)

Chemo will begin on Thursday morning at 11:20am.  I will be taking a dose of steroids prior to each chemo treatment to protect me from a common allergic reaction, then I will be receiving both Taxol and Herceptin for my first infusion.  They tell me to expect to feel pretty lousy on Friday and Saturday, side effects include everything from fatigue and nausea to bone pain and neuropathy.  Not looking forward to a double dose of poison to my system, but I do know and trust that God remains in control of this whole plan.  He is my Jehovah Rapha, my healer.  I'm in good hands.  I know He's got this.

Thank you for all of you who continue to encourage me.  It's difficult to express the strength and comfort you continue to bring to me with your words of support.  A special thank you to my prayer warriors ~ I would be lost without you.  God is good - all the time, my friends.

Press on ~ you are loved 💗


  1. Thank you for the energy it takes to keep us updated, Theresa. Stay positive.

  2. Thank you, Shannon! Wish I could have hugged you yesterday :) Miss you guys already!



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