Journal Entry ~ 07/04/18

1 The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. - Psalm 23:1

I just love every time He brings me back to this psalm - it’s such a peaceful reminder of my relationship with God, and it always rights my perspective when things feel overwhelming. 

We all talk to ourselves hundreds of times a day.  We're constantly trying to make sense out of life and what is happening to us. In those silent, private conversations with ourselves, we are either remembering God's grace or we're not.  We are either remembering we are not alone, and that we have been given everything we need to face the situation in front of us by His grace, or we are fretting over our own solution. Ultimately, our rest is never to be found in our own strength and wisdom.  True rest is found in measuring what we're facing to the character, power, and grace of the One who is with us wherever we go. This psalm reminds us who we are in relation to our Heavenly creator, and if we lean into it, we find the perspective we need to face our days. 

The Lord is my Shepherd...what a beautiful picture of our relationship with the Lord. Shepherds lead and guide their sheep.  Sheep need to be told where to go to find food, when to sleep and eat. They can be stubborn and don’t always move easily. Without the guidance of a shepherd, sheep have a tendency to wander off into dangerous land. Like sheep, we need to be led. He knows the terrain of our lives, and He is there to guide us through it all. There is nothing that comes into our lives that isn’t ground the Shepherd has covered and given his full approval - even the rocky ground. And when we stubbornly wander off the path He has laid for us into the dangerous territories, our Shepherd will gently and lovingly draw us back. 

As our Shepherd, He protects us. Sheep are some of He most vulnerable animals. They only have predators, but no defense mechanism other than the Shepherd. Like sheep, we are vulnerable and largely unaware of the dangers that exist. Our Shepherd protects us in the spiritual battles that rage around us. He stands at the ready to fight for us, to strengthen us in the battle, to heal our wounds when afflicted. 

As our Shepherd, He feeds us. Sheep would struggle to find food or water without the guidance of the shepherd. Like sheep, He feeds us with the Word.  His Word is food for our soul, strengthening and building us for the journey of life. But like sheep, we don’t always choose to feast on the meal in front of us. If we are not feeding ourselves from the Word daily, we are not able to tap into what He offers as our Shepherd. Our Shepherd lovingly brings us back to the place we can find nourishment. 

As my Shepherd, he has everything I need for whatever may happen in my life. There can never be an obstacle in my life that he cannot overcome and there are no circumstances that he does not see. So, what is the result of my surrendering to and acceptance of the Lord as my Shepherd?  Contentment. I shall not want. If I trust Him completely, I shall not want for anything because I know He will take care of everything. He will lead me through the trials, He will protect me from evil, and He will feed me His Word. And the beautiful gift from Him when I surrender to my Shepherd, is the supernatural peace that can only come from Him. In my surrender, I want for nothing. I am completely content with the life He has given me. 

Press on ~ you are loved 💗


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