Journal Entry ~ 07/15/18

But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and sincere. - James 3:17

What a perfect list to think on when we are giving out wisdom to others. Is our wisdom pure, peaceable, gently, open to reason, full of mercy and food fruits, impartial and sincere? When we are giving others advice, trying to warn our children, suggesting a change to our co-workers, making decisions, bringing a character flaw to our husbands, do our words meet the criteria specified in this list? I’ll be the first to admit when I have an opinion, I don’t always go to this list before speaking. But as I meditate on it, my desire is to change the way I share wisdom. 

Pure is listed first because in this passage, pure means holy or set apart. God is the only thing we know that is holy or set apart, so this characteristic means the wisdom is from God. Some will say that God told them to do or say something - perhaps God led them to a job, told them to move, or have three children. Maybe they had a dream about it, or heard God audibly speak to them. Be careful. This wisdom isn’t necessarily pure. Though God can use any means to communicate to us, He chose to write a book to share with us all we need to know. Our wisdom is pure when it is clearly from God, without a shadow of a doubt. If we can find it in Scripture, then we know the wisdom is from God. If we can’t find it in the Bible, then the wisdom isn’t pure. So, any wisdom we have to give out, or we use to make a decision, must be run past Scripture to be sure it aligns with His Word. 

In order to ensure our wisdom is pure and from Him, we need to be in His Word regularly, daily. Our commitment to receiving His wisdom needs to take precedence over anything else in our lives. I once believed I knew His Word well enough to not have to be in it every day. I knew all the major stories, and had plenty of scripture stored in my heart. But I still struggled with some decisions and trials would still knock me off the rails. I have found the peace of His wisdom as I have become unwavering in my commitment to open His Word and seek His truth every single day, without fail. I no longer hesitate to make difficult decisions because His wisdom is so deeply stored in my heart through daily exposure to His truths. Trials stretch me, but they don’t knock me off the rails because I have a secure connection to His peace in my daily time with Him. 

His wisdom is pure. It is set apart and it is holy. And we have access to it if we choose to open it daily. 

Press on ~ you are loved 💗


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