Journal Entry ~ 08/03/18

Your gold and silver have corroded, and their corrosion will be evidence against you and will eat your flesh like fire. You have laid up treasure in the last days. - James 5:3

Another measure of wealth at the time James wrote this was gold and silver. James knew, of course, that gold and silver don’t corrode, he was simply trying to make the point that even precious metals will be worthless when the Lord returns. Hoarding wealth is an ungodly use of wealth that will eventually lead to our personal ruin of our focus is on collecting as much as we can. 

When James mentions the last days in this verse, he is referring to the time period between the ascension  and the second coming, which is typically called the last days in scripture. Though, last day could also mean the last days of our life as death approaches. The rich are foolish if they focus on collecting riches in the last days of their lives. They are poor where it matters most, in their relationship with Christ. And to be rich by earthly measure, but poor by God’s standards, is short sighted when viewing all of eternity. 

It may be the focus of the wealthy to create a life of comfort and ease for their families by storing up treasures. Many of us have been caught in that trap. After all, it is Godly for us to work hard and provide for our families. We are commanded to do so in Scripture. But the reality is we will encounter financial ruin for all of eternity if we put our hope in the provision of money. The very thing that we look to for comfort will be the source of misery. 

It’s not simply about providing for our families or being fiscally responsible that James is discussing in this passage. He is addressing people that are controlled by money or possessions. If we are hoarding our money or our stuff, instead of using it for His kingdom, our heart issue may be the sin of greed or the sin of not trusting in God’s provision for our future. God does not call us to haphazardly give all of our income away, but He does expect us to use His money when there is a need around us. 

The wealth we have is His, and should be used first and foremost for Him. If we know of a need and we deny it so that we will have more, our money controls us. If we don’t tithe properly because we don’t think we have enough or we’re worried about the future, our money controls us. If we get more excited about our growing bank balance than we do our daily fine with Him, we have a sin issue with money. God promises to provide us all we need in life. Putting our trust in Him has eternal dividends that money cannot buy. Check your heart around money, and be sure your trust has been placed in our Lord Jesus Christ, and the only thing controlling you is the Holy Spirit. 

Press on ~ you are loved 💗


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