Journal Entry ~ 11/11/18

for we walk by faith, not by sight. - 2 Corinthians 5:7

Many of us struggle to walk by faith because we do not feel the presence of the Spirit, but He is there - He is with us at all times. We don't always feel the Spirit because we choose to forfeit His presence with our actions. We cannot act in accordance with the world or the way our flesh desires, and expect to be filled. 

Just as when we quench it, we will not be filled with the Holy Spirit if we grieve it. We grieve the Spirit when we do things the spirit doesn't want us to do. In other words we grieve the Spirit when we commit a sin. Think about grief for a moment- it is to feel deep pain or sorrow. When I ponder that I bring deep pain or sorrow to the spirit of God, I am filled with sadness, but the reality is that I do it all the time. 

When I place myself over others, or my agenda over His, when my idols take precedence over Him, like my children or my job, when I covet or do not honor Him with my words, when refuse to forgive, when I am consumed with anxiety, when I use harsh words, when I do anything I know that is disobedient to Him, I grieve the Spirit. He's always there, but when He is grieving, it is more difficult to hear His voice. When it’s difficult to hear His voice, you will see less and less fruit of the Spirit - you will experience less and less love, joy, and peace, you will find it harder and harder to walk in faith. 

I want to live a life for Christ. I want the people who know me to see His beauty and His light shine from me, i want to walk in faith and not by sight, especially those who don't know Him yet. When I recognize my sin, I must confess it in order to restore the Spirit in me. Only then will I be able to walk by faith, demonstrating His love, His joy, and His peace to those in my life. 

Press on ~ you are loved 💗


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