Journal Entry ~ 05/15/19

But overhearing what they said, Jesus said to the ruler of the synagogue, "Do not fear, only believe." - Mark 5:36

With the weight of yet another trial upon my family these days, I can feel the battle raging in my heart. It takes intentionality and focus to take my thoughts captive and bring them obedient to Christ in times like this. My heart wants to scream, “Not again!” but I know my God has me here for some reason, and if I’m going to make it through the trial, I need to find my strength in Him. I look to the scriptures to encourage my heart when I’m failing. It can be so easy to get wrapped up in the “what if” fear if I listen to the voices inside my head. What if this never gets better?  What if we cannot find a way to overcome it?  But there is power in the Word of God when it is opened in our laps, so I’m opening it and trusting He will bring me the grace I need to face this most recent trial. 

Today, His Word tells me: Do not fear, only believe. 

I love the simplicity of Jesus' words in this verse, and I love the truth in it. As always, His Word is a direct hit right where I need encouragement the most - fear is my greatest enemy, and my constant opponent. My crazy, active mind is brilliant at coming up with all the "what if" scenarios you can imagine, and then choosing one to settle in on to problem solve. It is my weakness and it's where the enemy loves to attack. 

I've grown so much in my ability to get up on top of my fears as I've learned to trust in God's sovereignty and relinquish control of every situation to Him, but it is still where my heart fails me in my weak is my thorn. 

But God. He knows us so well, doesn’t He? He knows our hearts are weak, and so prone to the temptation of fear, that He gives us this reminder multiple times in scripture. He knows that even though He just reminded us a few pages ago, He will need to say it again because we so easily forget this truth. 

We have nothing to fear. Nothing. He is in control of every single thing that is happening on this earth, and He is working it all for our good. Every single thing. We don't need to fear about our children or our health, our marriages or our lack there of, our finances or our future, nothing. He holds it all in the palm of His hand, and He will work it all out for good. Period. He means it all for our good. Working this truths down into the core of our hearts is the only thing that drives out the fear. 

Press on ~ you are loved 💗


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