Journal Entry ~ 05/25/19

23 And Jesus said to him, "'If you can'! All things are possible for one who believes."24 Immediately the father of the child cried out and said, "I believe; help my unbelief!" - Mark 9:23-24

God is sovereign over all things. The question is do we really believe He has the power to change our lives and our circumstances. We are under constant attack from the enemy and the world, who would have us question His sovereignty at every turn. It is so easy to fall victim to the doubts that scream failure at us, and forget His is sovereign.  

The father in this story shows us how to overcome these doubts.  We must humbly fall before Him and confess our unbelief. 

The problem often isn't that we don't say this, though - I think many of us have learned to say this from time to time, the problem is that we don't always say it with a truly repentant heart. I know I'm guilty of this - I just want Him to swoop in and remove this uncomfortable feeling of unbelief, to assure me He is at work, and to take away the fear that comes wrapped up in the doubt. But do I really confess and repent my unbelief with a humble heart that seeks to see how sinful my unbelief truly is in the eyes of the Lord? No, I don't. Not always. 

There are times when I say 'help my unbelief' and I'm just simply seeking Him to make me feel better. Our deceitful hearts are constantly trying to minimize our sin, and fear and unbelief are no different. We don’t tend to view our unbelief or our fear as sin, or we think these sins aren't really that bad, not in comparison at least. After all, we're seeking to have God strengthen our faith when we say those words. 

But we know from Romans 14:23: "Whatever is not from faith is sin." Let those words sink in - they hit at the underlying root of all sinful actions and attitudes - the failure to trust God. Anything, absolutely any act or attitude which is owing to a lack of trust in God is sin, no matter how moral it may appear to us.  

God hates sin - God hates our unbelief. We must get on our knees and repent of our unbelief, our fears and our worries. We can no longer minimize our failure to trust God. 

Press on ~ you are loved 💗


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