Journal Entry ~ 07/03/19

Those who trust in the LORD are like Mount Zion, which cannot be moved, but abides forever.  - Psalm 125:1

In this 3rd psalm of the second series of three Psalms, we find triumph and victory again. In Psalm 123, the author cries out for God’s mercy in his trouble. Psalm 124 is the response to that cry, as the psalmist places his trust in the Lord. And now Psalm 125 is the victory psalm about being safe and secure in the Lord. Notice the pattern emerging - trouble, trust, triumph. It’s a pattern we would benefit from applying to our lives. When we are in trouble, we are to cry out to the Lord, then place our trust in Him. When we do that, we find our victory in Him. 

Psalm 125 is a great place to go when we’re wrestling with the uncertainties of life. There are so many unknowns in our days, so many anxieties and fears about the future. Our minds can race through a number of potential disasters from a single situation in a matter of seconds. The future is a scary place because there is so much unknown, and we have such a tendency to imagine the worst. We have fears about our careers and our money, our children and our families, our country and our world. 

Psalm 125 is a peaceful reminder that our God is our safety and our security. When we place our trust in the Lord, we can know that our future is secure. It may not be exactly as we have planned, but it is exactly as it should be according to His plan. 

This first verse speaks to those of us who feel weakened by anxious thoughts. I know so many people who are so easily overwhelmed by paralyzing thoughts of fear. Those thoughts can trap us and keep us from moving forward in life. We believe we cannot overcome them. Many of us who struggle with anxiety will pray to the Lord for these thoughts to be taken away, but sink in defeat when we wake up to another day, challenged to get out of bed. 

But here, we see when we place our trust in the Lord, we are the ones who become like the mountains, unable to be moved. For years, I looked to God as my mountain, my refuge, my place of safety and security. I turned to Him and asked Him to provide that safety for me. Since I believed Him to be the mountain, I prayed for Him to give me the strength and waited for that to happen. But in this psalm, we see something a little different - we see that WE become the mountain when we trust Him. We become strong and unmovable, like the mountains when we surrender our plans and trust in His. We don’t need to wait for Him to fix us, we simply need to place our trust in Him and we find our strength. 

Press on ~ your re loved 💗


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