Journal Entry ~ 07/04/19

Those who trust in the LORD are like Mount Zion, which cannot be moved, but abides forever.  - Psalm 125:1

When we trust in the Lord, we become the mountain of strength. He doesn’t just give us His strength, WE become the unmovable rock, steadfast in the battle, strong in the fight. We won’t be shaken, we won’t be distracted, we stand against the enemies of fear and anxiety, anger and bitterness, foolishness and despair. We can deflect those thoughts when they come because we are like Mount Zion, trusting that God is sovereign over whatever happens to us. He knows what’s coming, and He’s already planned for how it will he worked out for our good. 

I find so much peace for my chaotic thoughts in that first verse, but this psalm doesn’t end there. It goes on to remind us that the strong and mighty power of God surrounds us. As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the LORD surrounds his people, from this time forth and forevermore.  - Psalm 125:2. We are surrounded by the protection of the Lord. We are made strong like the mountains when we trust in the Lord, but we are not just one mountain standing alone. We are surrounded on all sides by the Lord’s mountain. What imagery of strength and protection!  When we feel the world is rising up to attack us, we know we’re protected. He is our defense. 

He stands firm to protect us in the battle now and forevermore. This promise isn’t just for our future - it isn’t just for when we are with Him in heaven. This promise for safety and security is for the here and now as well. Forever starts from this time forth. We have access to His protection in the battle right now. 

Here’s the thing we often miss in this analogy, here’s the reason we struggle to find the strength of a mountain or the protection of the surrounding mountains ~ we hang on to what we want in the battle. We want Him to come in and fight the way we want Him to fight. But we have to remember, we’re fighting battles, but God is winning the war. 

So often we want the thing we’re praying for, but God wants our heart. He’s after your surrender, He’s after the surrender of all those you love and pray for, but we’re focused on it happening on our terms. We’re after our health, or our money, our job or our security, we’re after a husband or a family, so these are the things we lift up in the battle. When we fully surrender and trust in the Lord, we lay down what we want and we trust that whatever situation we are in or whatever the Lord allows into our lives is for good. We accept our current circumstances or future circumstances with pure contentment, and soften our hearts to be transformed. That’s when we become the mountain surrounded by mountains, that’s when we feel His strength and protection, that’s when we win. 

Press on ~ you are loved 💗


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