Journal Entry ~ 07/25/19

O LORD, my heart is not lifted up; my eyes are not raised too high; I do not occupy myself with things too great and too marvelous for me.  - Psalm 131:1

Learning to humble ourselves in a world that gives humility such a negative connotation is challenging. Someone who is humble and willingly submits under another’s authority is considered weak, someone who swallows their negative comments rather than speaking them is spineless. The world insists we stand up for our beliefs and we speak our minds no matter the cost, especially if we are a woman. If we want to be seen as equal to men, we must stand up to them, show them we are intelligent and strong. Humility is equated with weakness. 

But God calls us to this stance repeatedly in scripture. He knows when we get low, He is lifted up. When we drop to our faces, and surrender it all to Him, He is glorified and we are blessed. When we place love and unity above conflict and disorder, we find an inexplicable peace covers our relationships. 

In our pride, we cling so tightly to the desires of our hearts. We fervently pray for them, and oh how we’re disappointed when they fail to happen. Our pride leads us to cry out to the Creator of the universe in frustration or fear when He doesn’t move according to our plan. These deep desires impact our relationships and our experiences, they are the motivation behind our choices and our arguments. We have a plan for how things should happen in our lives, and when those things fail to happen, we respond with our emotions. 

We are so prideful. How dare we tell the God who created the mountains and the oceans, the stars and the planets, and every single living creature on this planet, that He someone got our plan wrong. Out of all the plans for all the people, ours is somehow wrong. We shouldn’t have to walk through the trials in front of us, He needs to just rescue us from these problems, and solve things according to our plan. We are such a haughty, stuff-necked people. What we deserve is eternal condemnation, but in His grace and mercy, He has chosen to give us another day of incredible blessings. 

Daily, we need to get low and surrender our hearts to Him; daily, we need to confess our sin of pride to Him, and thank Him for giving us one more hour to breathe. 

Press on ~ you are loved 💗


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