Journal Entry ~ 08/25/19

So Abraham called the name of that place, "The LORD will provide"; as it is said to this day, "On the mount of the LORD it shall be provided." - Genesis 22:14

Where we look for security will determine our peace. In our heads, we know there is only One place to find security, but we must constantly guard our hearts from searching after it in other places. 

Many of us find security in money - if we just had enough to pay our bills and live comfortably, we'd find peace. Or we find it in things - my home brings me a great deal of security. Some look to relationships for security - the love and support of another person is powerful, so many of us strive for stability in those relationships in our lives. When my family is together and everybody is happy, I am at peace. Perhaps we've been successful at something in the past - that's when security gets placed in ourselves or our talents. I can trust myself to take care of it, I'll just do it myself. Some of us find our security in our jobs or our careers. Those of us fortunate enough to find fulfillment in the job we do every day find purpose in our work. 

Where we find our security is what what we strive for throughout our days - think about it. If you find security in money, you work hard and you save well. If you find security in your home, you will work hard to maintain your house. If you find security in relationships, you work hard to create meaningful moments with those people. Where we find find our security ultimately determines our inner joy and contentment. Once we achieve that security, we have peace. 

On the flip side, where we find our security is also where we find most of our fears. We don’t want to lose what brings us such joy and peace - the money, the house, the job, the people. Those fears can grow to consume us with anxiety, controlling our actions and determining our behaviors. Our securities are our idols. 

The problem is that life is ultimately out of our control. No matter how hard we work, wealth can be wiped away, disease or accident can take a loved away, we can fail. There are no guarantees in any of those other places we look for security, and when our hearts are set on something other than Him, we can be crushed. There is only one guarantee - one, steady, constant, rock upon which we can find true security and peace - we can know that the Lord will provide. He promises this to us, and He never fails. The beautiful part is that He can't fail at this. He is truth. So we know that if He promises to provide, He will provide. Wait on Him and trust in Him to provide. When we find our security there - in the knowledge that He will provide, that's when we find the peace that surpasses all understanding. 

Press on ~ you are loved 💗


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