Journal Entry ~ 10/04/19

19 Repent therefore, and turn back, that your sins may be blotted out,
20 that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord, and that he may send the Christ appointed for you, Jesus, - Acts 3:19-20

When we repent, not only are we promised that our sins will be blotted out, we are also promised times of refreshing. Grab ahold of that truth and hold on to it for yourself. It's for all of us. That refreshing is for our present and for our future. The refreshing we receive now comes in the form of peace of mind - the kind of peace that surpasses all understanding when we face a trial that should be knocking us down. When things around us seem to be swirling up in chaos, we have the calm assurance that God is sovereign and that He is at work for our good. I know this peace well - it sweeps over you in an inexplicable way and it doesn't make any sense in your circumstances.  

My life has been somewhat chaotic over the past few weeks, but for the most part, I am at peace in the storm. The fears come, the frustrations and the challenges do rush in, but without a doubt, I am experiencing an overwhelming sense of His peace throughout this trial. It's not only the peace of knowing that He is in charge, it's the joy of knowing He is at work...and though the path I walk may be difficult, I remain confident it is always for good. 

The times of refreshing do come when we repent. They come into our lives in the form of people who encourage you and lift you up, who walk with you and share your burden, who are willing to fight the battle with you. So many people have shown up in my life to support me and cheer me on. I am absolutely blown away at how He has blessed me. They come in a very real sense of His presence and an understanding that you are part of a plan much greater than your life. He has revealed things to me and led me to a deeper understanding of His plan in my quiet times with Him, His steadfast love and pursuit have been tangible to me throughout this trial, and He has made Himself known to me in new ways. 

They come at a victory over a sin or stronghold that has kept you in chains for decades. Things I have held on to for so long have just fallen away, some easier than others, but He has broken chains for me. Even greater than any refreshing we experience in this world, we know scripture describes a refreshed earth becoming like the Garden of Eden, and there will be times when we will have rest and be quiet, and no one shall make us afraid. When we repent of our sins, our names remain in the Book of Life, and we can look forward to an eternity in the presence of our Lord. 

Press on ~ you are loved 💗


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