Journal Entry ~ 11/30/19

For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us. - Romans 8:18

In order to trust in what this verse is telling us, we need a deep seated belief that God is good. If you don't believe this in your very core, then you will struggle to trust Him in the most difficult moments. The strongest, most faithful Christians I know, who have walked through the most heart breaking trials with the courage of a lion, are those who have an unwavering trust in His goodness. 

He is good. What He is doing in your life may not make sense, but He has a plan and it is good. I've struggled through enough challenging trials, and been blown away as I've gotten to the other side to see what His plan was all along, to know I can trust in Him in all things. He is good, all the time. He works in ways we can't even fathom, and He works to answer our prayers. 

We want our loved ones to come to know Jesus, so when we fervently pray for that to happen and He responds by breaking them or putting them on trials where they can only turn to Him. It’s hard to watch so we pray for Him to rescue them, to stop their pain, to heal them because we don’t want to watch them struggle. But it is in the struggle that they find Him. We can know and trust that He is at work for good. 

We pray and we pray and we pray for our will and our desires in our struggles, and then we are so deeply saddened when He doesn't answer those prayers the way we want Him to answer them. But we can still trust that He is still good - He is working to answer our prayers. He has a plan that makes sense, we only need to trust Him and wait. 

I can say this because He has proven Himself faithful so many times in my life, I can no longer count them all. I have prayed for healing that He has not provided, but He has healed my heart through the illness. I have prayed for rescue from injustices that has not come, but He has softened my heart toward the accuser and offered healing that could only come fro Him. I have prayed for Him to resolve situations the way I thought best, only to see Him allow things to happen to soften my heart, to change my perspective, to bring me wisdom. My life is story after story of Him demonstrating His faithfulness despite circumstances that don’t make any sense. I can trust that His glory will be revealed. 

Cause we go from glory to glory to glory
We'll never be the same, we'll never be the same
We go from glory to glory to glory
We're forever changed, forever changed

Press on ~ you are loved 💗


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